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Valina James, September 10-13, 2020


Cost - $325, Includes Patter and Kit for Teeny Tiny Sewing Machine Collage

  • Deposit of $100 due at time of reservation
  • ​Balance due 8/11

​​Class Size - 24 Spots

Class Details
Check in is on Thursday at 7 pm and Check out is on Sunday at 3 pm. This includes a meet and greet cocktail hour, two days of instruction, a trunk show, your accommodations, and full meals.

"Our collage class will start Thursday night with discussion on tips and basic techniques that make Laura Heine’s collage method so fun and easy. On Friday all students will begin working on the Teeny Tiny sewing machine collage kit provided by the instructor. Your kit includes the pattern and all the fabric, pattern ease and steam a seam needed for this one project. Students usually complete this collage by the middle of Saturday and should plan to bring another collage pattern and supplies of their choosing to work on for the rest of the weekend. (No pattern, fabric, pattern ease or steam a seam will be available for purchase at class) Valina will be available through Sunday to assist with the second project."

Class Supplies
  • These additional supplies are needed for all collage projects and should be brought to class.
  • Scissors with a sharp tip such at Karen Kay Buckley’s medium scissors
  • Applique pressing sheet 18” x 24” (The Big Goddess pressing sheet works well)
  • Fine tip sharpie & pencils
  • Rotary cutter, cutting mat and ruler
  • HOT iron
  • Masking tape or painter’s tape
  • Plastic pot scrubber*
  • A few dryer sheets*
  • Pool noodle*

*These are optional but helpful to have*
If you have any questions please contact Valina directly at 989-326-0547.

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