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Reminders for our Guests

What to Bring - Quilters, Don't forget to bring your irons, cutting mats, rotary cutters, and rulers with you. We do have ironing boards for your use. 

Bottled Water -
 Our tap water is fine to drink. If you would like bottled water, please bring your own. We no longer have water delivery service. 
Sharing Buildings
 – For quite a while after Covid we didn’t take reservations for groups to share buildings. We are now back to allowing groups to share. Know that you will NOT have to share a bedroom with people in another group. You will be sharing work areas, kitchen and dining rooms at all buildings, as well as bathrooms if you share CP1, CP2, or CP3. This does not apply to Suites, 2B or 3B.

At the Retreat Center – There are now FOUR bedrooms on the main floor, for a total of 17 beds. These rooms are shared between the 24 and 16 Person Areas, as well as Suite Q. We assign those bedrooms to people who physically CANNOT do stairs, which may all be one group, or shared between groups.

Single Rooms – As much as we would like to be able to put just two people in a room, it isn’t always possible. You may have that luxury one year but know it may not always be the case. You can request a single room for an additional $60 at the Retreat Center ahead of your weekend, but we won’t know until that week if one is available. At other locations, your group leader will set the bedrooms, and there is no additional fee to have a room to yourself.

Forgotten Items – Every Monday and Friday we scurry between buildings collecting up and mailing back forgotten items. Triple check for all your items before you leave.

Holiday Weekends – In the past you may have been able to stay over until Monday on holidays such as Martin Luther King, President’s, Memorial and Labor Days. As we become busier, we might not be able to accommodate that if a new group is arriving on Monday. Also, EASTER is on a different date every year. We are closed that weekend. If you land on Easter one year, you will be moved to the Easter dates from the previous year. You do not move back the following year. We have no control over when holidays fall on the calendar.

Keeping 100+ women happy every week and every weekend is a challenge sometimes. ???? Please know we do the best we can in all areas of the business. If you have a problem or concern, please call our office number for immediate issues, or email for general issues. Thank you so much for understanding!


Laura Greenfelder, Owner

Creative Passions Retreats and Quilt Shop