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Creative Passions March 2023 Newsletter


March Newsletter

 Laura's Corner

Hey Retreat and Fabric Friends!

As our Quilt Shop hits it’s 1-year anniversary in our new location this week, we want to thank you for supporting our retreats and shop.  Over the past year, we have seen retreats, quilt shops and now the largest brick and mortar scrapbooking shop in the state, close their doors.  All retreats and retail shops were hit hard during the 10-week shutdown for Covid, then struggled to keep their doors open as customers didn’t fully return for a year or two.  We are three years out from the shutdown this month and are finally seeing close to full return.  Since we have retreats and retail, one helped support the other to outlast the pandemic.  Many brick and mortar shops have not been able to do that due to the ease of online ordering. 

We all thank you VERY MUCH for trusting our disinfecting at retreat locations and our customer service in the quilt shop that both keep you coming to Chesaning and supporting Creative Passions!  We are humbled by your encouraging and affirmative comments!

Laura G.

Tamara's Tidbits

Hello friends!

Some of you may have noticed that I FINALLY uploaded the 2024 Reservations and Availability. Thank you for your patience! Our availability is broken down by locations and by weekday or weekend. You'll notice that 2024 is really full. The reason for this is that when possible, we copy reservations over year after year. So what you see in 2023 is pretty much what you see for 2024. 

Also, I have created a video on our YouTube channel that walks groups through the process of finding their reservations. Some of you may notice that your reservation will appear a week earlier than you're used to. That is because we start our reservations based on where January 1st falls. In 2023 and 2024, January 1 falls right at the beginning of a new week. When I copy reservations over year after year, I copy and paste them into a new spreadsheet and change the dates.

You'll find a link to our video HERE. If you ever need help finding a spot, you can call us in the office or email us. We'd be happy to help you.

Have a fantastic day!

 Selena's Scoop

Dinners can be so hard to get on the table at a reasonable time when you get home from work in the evening. For that reason, I love a meal that I can put in the Crockpot, however, as a family of three, sometimes a Crockpot meal can make too many leftovers for us. That's why I love a meal that can be put in the Crockpot and repurposed in to multiple meals.

A family favorite for us is a pork roast, now there's nothing incredibly special about a pork roast but the options that come after are immense. For us, we make BBQ pulled pork flatbread pizza, pork carnitas tacos, BBQ pulled pork nachos and pulled pork sliders. 

For the sliders:
1 package Hawaiian sweet rolls. Slice them down the middle making one whole top and one whole bottom.
BBQ pulled pork
French's onions
Shredded cheese

Now, I evenly spread pulled pork over the bottom bun, top with shredded cheese, French's onions and the top bun.
In a measuring bowl, melt 1/2 cup of butter. Add to that, 1tbs. Worcestershire, Tbs. Minced garlic, Tbs. brown sugar, stir together and pour over the sliders. Top with foil and bake in a 350° oven for 15 minutes. Remove foil and cook another 5 minutes.

Now I'm a huge fan of garlic. You could certainly cut back if you wanted and you can add a spicy brown mustard to the butter. I hope you enjoy this repurposed leftover.

 Michelle's Material 

If you haven't visited us for our First Anniversary in our new Quilt Shop, you should! Besides seeing us, you can check out the new lines we've gotten in and take advantage of our sale. This week we are offering 30% Off One Item, one use per customer, in store only. You could take 30% of a single cut of fabric, a new ruler you've been looking at, or even a kit. We hope to see you soon!

And until then, here's the latest line we received this week, Illusion by Joy Ting Collection, from Wilmington Prints. Click HERE to see all of the beautiful choices. 


 Retreat Reservations & Availability

Here are some upcoming spots that we have available:
March 3-5
CP2 - 12 spots

March 6-9
CP3 - 12 spots
CP3B - 4 spots
Suites A, B, C and Q - 4 spots each

March 10-12
Suite B and Suite Q - 4 spots each

March 13 - 16
CPRC24 - 24 spots
CPRC16 - 16 spots
Suite Q - 4 spots

March 17-19
CP3B - 4 spots
Suite Q - 4 spots

March 20-23
CP2 - 6 spots (shared location)
CP3B - 4 spots
CPRC24 - 6 spots (shared location)
Suite B and Suite Q - 4 spots each

March 27-30
CP1 - 13 spots
Suite B - 4 spots