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Creative Passions January Newsletter


January Newsletter

                                          Laura's Corner

Happy New Year!!!  I am so excited to begin a new year of fun at Creative Passions!  I have always loved Mondays, I view them as a small New Year’s Day every Monday.  Anything that didn’t go right last week is wiped away and you start the week with a clean slate!! 

2022 was focused on moving the Quilt Shop to our final location and getting it running at full speed. We are thankful to our CP guests for your support in store, online and at our Etsy site.

2023 we are planning nothing new.  Really?  Yes.  That is the plan. 

Throughout the year, and especially at the end of the year while we have no guests, we finish any renovations, fix, and update items in the retreats.  CP1, CP2 and CP3 all received new roofs during Thanksgiving week, CP2 received a new bigger, stronger, but not faster, chair lift, CP3 received new carpet in the main-floor bedroom, Suite Q received carpet, Crystal Care carpet cleaning did an amazing job in multiple buildings, new sewer line into the Quilt Shop (which was WAY better than the month-long port-a-jon use) and we also installed two hot water heaters as separate systems for rooms 8, 9, 10 and 11 in CPRC, so there will always be hot water there, no matter how much hot water people in the first 9 rooms use.

(Un)fortunately we have had lots of service to our hot water system at CPRC.  Hot water has been an incredibly frustrating part of CPRC.  The system gets updated or fixed and is good for a year or two, then WHAM…polar plunge.  As of December 22, the system is fixed and ready for 2023 guests!  Yay!!

We appreciate your continued support of Creative Passions, thank you so much!

Peace to all,

Laura G

                                       Tamara's Tidbits

We recently added a new page to our retreat website called "Reminders for our Guests". You can find the information HERE, but I wanted to give a quick reminder in regards to buildings being shared.

Pre-COVID, if a group did not meet the minimum number of guests to be considered full, we would open up the available spots for a small group to be added. That was always our policy, but we did need to adapt during COVID and did not have groups share buildings. 

We are now back to sharing, and will open these spots as they become available. We do not have guests from different groups share bedrooms, but you will share work areas, dining and kitchen areas, and sometimes bathrooms depending on location.

Also, if you are feeling sick, please be considerate of others and stay home. Per our cancellation policy, if you cancel more than 30 days prior to your stay, you can get a refund minus a $20 cancellation fee. Additionally, if you need to cancel last minute, or less than 30 days prior, we hold your full payment for 18 months. This credit can be used by you or even transferred to someone else. We understand that life happens, kids and parents get sick, etc., so we do our very best to help you out. We know how much you enjoy your retreat time, but sometimes you just gotta stay home.

Have a Happy New Year!

                                                            Selena's Scoop

We survived the holidays, hopefully. Maybe they were the holidays of a Hallmark movie or maybe they were the holidays of an episode of Jerry Springer. I was able to spend lots of time with my family, had my boys and their girlfriends under one roof multiple times and for that, I'm truly thankful and blessed. Having the boys home means cooking, especially with Nolan home, he seems to think the unlimited meal plan follows him home from MSU. One of my favorite things to cook is soup and stews and Nolan requested white chicken chili, so why not share that this month. Now you know, when I'm making a soup, the recipe is extremely loose so here we go.


Cooked, shredded chicken. I boil mine and shred it but you could completely use a rotisserie chicken, set aside.
Once you have your chicken, in your empty soup pan, add a diced onion, salt and pepper to taste and a tbs of basil to a 1/2 stick of melted butter and sweat your onion until gender. Once cooked, add a tbs of flour to make a paste. Slowly begin whisking in chicken broth. You're just trying to thicken the soup a touch. Add the remaining chicken broth, I use 2 boxes. To that, add two jars of undrained Northern white beans and your shredded chicken. Heat through. 

This is a soup that you can top how you like. Some add a bit of sour cream, Fritos or some chopped green onions. Enjoy.


                                     Michelle's Materials

Hey Fabric Friends! 


We are updating our store hours! We are now open: 


Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri 11am - 5pm


Thurs. 11am - 6pm


Sat. 11am - 3pm


New in the shop!

You have been asking and we listened! We have just received Kim Diehl's newest line called Scraps of Kindness. Scraps of Kindness is a wonderful selection of earthy tones and beautiful patterns, inspired by the traditional style of quilting. Check it out HERE before it’s gone! 

Don’t forget her newest book, Simple Whatnots III that includes 18 delightful projects!


                                   Retreat Reservations & Availability

We know sometimes it can be difficult to find availability on our website due to our number of locations, but also how full it all looks. If you ever need assistance in finding a space, please give us a call and we'd be happy to help you out. We also have a waiting list that we can put you on if what you need is not available.

We have plenty of room for Monday thru Thursday reservations during January, and several February options. Here are some upcoming weekend dates that are available. You can call us at 989-845-2159 to make your reservation.

Jan 6-8
3B - Suite for up to 4
CPRC16 - 16 spots available
Suite Q - 4 spots available

Jan 13-15
CPRC24 - 12 spots available

Jan 20-22
CP3 - 2 spots available

Jan 27-29
CP1 - 13 spots available

Feb 24-26
CPRC24 - 12 spots available

March 31 - April 2
Suite Q - Suite for up to 4