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Creative Passions December Newsletter


December Newsletter

                                                                Laura's Corner

During Thanksgiving week, we had the roof redone at CP1, CP2, and CP3.  It was a bit cold for the contractors, but we needed to wait until there weren’t people in the buildings to do those projects.  The Retreat Center siding will have to wait until spring now, as it is a HUGE project, and we hope to do some additional insulating when the old siding comes off.  CP1 also had its carpet, kitchen floors and bathroom tile cleaned.  We have a local company who does an amazing job! 

2022 has been quite the year with the new quilt shop.  We appreciate our guests frequenting the shop for fabric and Creative Passions clothing.  New colors of shirts just arrived this week!   

At the end of December, the Retreat office will be closed Friday, December 23 through Monday, December 26, reopening on Tuesday, December 27.  Then closed Friday, December 30 through Monday, January 2, reopening on January 3.  This will give our team two 4-day weekends in a row to enjoy family and festivities.  Thank you for understanding that they need breaks too.   

I am hoping Mother Nature gets over her “hot flashes” soon, and we can move on to beautiful snow.  May your holidays be safe and healthy. 

Hugs and Holiday Wishes, 

Laura G 

                                                               Tamara's Tidbits

Hello friends! Just a reminder that effective January 1 our rates will be increasing to $165 per person, for both weekday and weekend retreats. The early arrival rate will remain at $30. If you have a credit on file that you plan on using, you will be responsible for the difference in rates. 

I continue to work on the waiting list as cancellations come in. I always check the list first before opening up dates on our website. Unfortunately, the months of September through November are by far our busiest season and we rarely have openings. I have quite a few guests waiting and will keep you posted as those become available.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


                                      Selena's Scoop

This morning as I was in my kitchen making coffee, I saw 2 rotten bananas sitting on the counter and as I went to throw them away, I thought, I probably have time to whip up some muffins for Lucas for breakfast before he leaves for work.  My banana bread muffin recipe is probably my most used recipe of any of my recipes.  The card is starting to wear down, the writing is so smeared I can barely read it but honestly…I get the card out just in case.  The card is written in my Great Grandma’s handwriting and it’s one of the few things I have that has her writing on it.  While baking this morning, I thought well shoot, I need a recipe for the newsletter that was due yesterday so I pulled out my peanut brittle recipe, a recipe that used to be in my mom’s handwriting but I had to rewrite it years ago, and thought I would share that one with you ladies.  I’ve probably already shared it and thought, oh well, I’m a good cook but not a chef, this girl only has so many recipes to share.   


My peanut brittle recipe was shared with me by my Mom.  I’ve been making it every year for as long as I can remember, first by my mom’s side, then I took over the making of it and now, I make it because she can’t.  It’s a tradition, she made it for her dad, then I made it for him, then made it for my family.  I thought about what I would write in this newsletter all morning while getting ready for work and how I would talk about traditions and what I would say before I shared the recipe with you and guess what, I spent so much time thinking about it, the recipe card is at home on the counter while I type this.  I could have turned around and gone back for it but thought, is it really necessary, it’s not.  Holidays are stressful, they’re amazing for some, hard for others but stressful for all and why add any additional stress to myself.  So, my recipe for this month is, 


10,000 cups of time 

10,000 cups of family 

10,000 cups of joy 

10,000 cups of less stress 

10,000 cups of traditions 

10,000 cups of cherished memories of the ones that are no longer with us and 

1 cup of wine….ok, maybe a bottle but certainly not 10,000 cups 


                                         Michelle's Material

On the first day of Christmas Creative Passions gave to me....

                                  12 DAYS OF SAVINGS

Each of these categories will be on sale December 1st - 12th!!!!
  • Precuts (excluding Fat Quarters)
  • Batik yardage (minimum 1 yard cuts)
  • All In Stock Kits
  • Panels

You can shop HERE!

                                                   Quilt Shop Holiday Hours

Please note our holiday hours for the weeks of Christmas and New Years. We will only be open 3 days each of these weeks. 

We will be open as follows:

    December 1 - 17, Tues - Saturday 11 am to 5 pm

    December 20, 21 and 22, 11 am to 5 pm

    December 27, 28, 29, 11 am to 5 pm

                                    Retreat Reservations & Availability

December 9-11
CP1 - 12 spots
CP2B - 4 spots
Suite A - 4 spots
Suite C -4 spots

December 16-18
CP2 - 24 spots
CP2B - 4 spots
CP3 - 12 spots
Suite C - 4 spots

Happy Holidays from Creative Passions!

                Mistletoe Magic Panel, currently on sale for $9.59