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Catering Options

Creative Passions is happy to announce that we now provide FULL MEALS to groups of 12 or more. Breakfast will continue to be a continental breakfast while lunches and dinners will be catered by Riverfront Grille. Many groups are already taking advantage of RFG catering service, but some do not want to be responsible for picking menus and handling details, so this is where we come in. We will discuss the menu options with your group leader and handle all of the ordering for you!

Weekend full meals include lunch and dinner Friday, breakfast, lunch and dinner Saturday, breakfast and lunch on Sunday. The cost for the meals is $80, weekend retreat is $165, for a total of $245. If you come Thursday night for early arrival at 8pm, it is an additional $30 for a total of $275. Breakfast on Friday morning is also provided with early arrivals.

Weekday full meals include lunch and dinner Monday, breakfast, lunch and dinner Tuesday and Wednesday, and breakfast and lunch on Thursday. The cost for the meals is $100, for a total of $265. If you come Sunday night for early arrival at 8pm, it is an additional $30 for a total of $295. Breakfast on Monday morning is also provided with early arrivals.

If you would like to add Full Meals to your stay, please call us at 989-845-2159.


What if I won’t be there for lunch one day? You do not have to eat all meals provided, but the meal price will remain the same.

What time are meals served?
CP1 breakfast is from 8:45-10:15, CP2 from 8:30-10:30, CP3 from 9-10, and CPRC from 7:30-10:30.
Lunches will be served at 1 pm
Dinners will be served at 6 pm

Can I get gluten free options? Yes, we design the menu so gluten free guests will have options at each meal. However, we need to know this ahead of your retreat, to make sure we have enough special items for each meal.

Can I bring my own food, even if my group is getting full meals? As long as 12 people in your group are getting full meals, you can bring your own food and pay the regular $165 cost.

Are beverages provided on full meal retreats? We always provide regular and decaf coffee, teas, hot chocolate, and have 5-gallon water jugs for refills at all locations. If you would like other beverages, you can bring them along with you and keep in the refrigerators provided.

When is the catering payment due? All payments for meals are due 30 days in advance, along with the final payment for your stay.

What will be on the menu? Your group contact person will be choosing from these options.
Lunch options: Pizza and Puff Bread, Baked Potato Bar, Soup and Salad Bar, Pulled Pork Bar, Chicken Salad on Pretzel Roll
Dinner Options: Pasta Bar, Taco Bar, Fajita Bar, Smothered Chicken, Philly Steak and Cheese on French Roll

What happens if someone cannot attend the retreat? We will not be able to issue a refund or credit for full meals as these orders are placed in advance with our caterer. We do offer credit or refunds for your accommodations per our policy found HERE.
Of course, if you'd still like to handle the meals and details on your own, please feel free to contact one of the restaurants below to handle all of your catering needs.

128 N. Front St.
Chesaning, MI 48616
Contact: Matt or Crystal Pierce
​FB Page